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The Three Stages Of Leaflet Distribution Infographic

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Myth VS Fact: Leaflet Distribution

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Infographic In Text: The 3 Stages of Distribution

Design, Print, Distribute

Preparing & Desiging your leaflet


A clear purpose: what is the one purpose of your leaflet? Make sure it’s clear and to the point (don’t clutter with mixed messages) KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Get Creative

Get designing create several designs pick a top 3 then create several designs of those top 3 and pick a winner (make sure you have a design that sells and doesn’t just look pretty!)

Head First

Make sure that your CTA (call to action) headline is in a poll or prominent position, check spacing, readability.


Picking the right font can be vital. Fundamentally it needs to be the easiest to read font and secondly it needs to reflect your industry.


Readability is everything, the importance of line height VS linewidth along with font size can help people to easily read your material.


Make your words STAND OUT using the right colours and contrasts in your design whilst keeping readability in mind.


Make sure it’s clear and easy to get in touch (website, phone number, email).


Your brand is important, but your message is vital keep your logo visibilty to a medium that doesn’t outweigh your CTA.

Choosing Your Print


It’s not worth the paper its printed on. Make sure you don’t scrimp on the thickness relative to the material, a thicker paper creates substance, importance and professionalism.

GSM Explained

130 – 170GSM: Is a standard weight for a good quality poster you would expect to last for a while.

170-300GSM: would be suitable for most brochure printing. You might need to compromise GSM if you have a large number of pages to ensure the brochure will lay flat.

350-400GSM: is thin card, so probably what your business cards are made from. If you chose too low a GSM for your business cards they will be flimsy and may give the wrong impression of your business.


Matt, Silk, Gloss? We aren’t talking about painting your house, we are talking about the finish on your printed materials.

The finish is equally as important as the design, but choosing your finish is really up to you and the industry you are in.


Most printed materials that are used for distribution are A4, A5 and A6 and are typically printed on both sides.

Getting The Distribution Right


The final step is getting your leaflet in front of the right people this is likely the most important step. Did you know? 48% of consumers found that they reacted to direct marketing via door-to-door distribution.


Door-to-door distribution is one of the most reliable and cost effective methods to get your message to your potential customers.

Did you know? 79% of leaflets that get dropped through doors are looked at, 38% are kept for a few days and 13% are kept for a week or longer.


Using the right distribution company and the right target areas, for example if your selling designer jewellery, then getting the leaflet delivered to affluent households is a must.

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