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Leaflet Distribution in Essex

Want to decipher the best target market for leaflet distribution in Essex?

For a start, Essex was regarded as the 3rd most prosperous region in the UK last Year.

Based on Zoopla’s statistics below, it can be noted that semi-detached housing and flats have had the most inflation overall since last year, making them more desirable for property buyers.


To be more specific, we have selected a few of the most thriving towns in Essex based on a 3%+ surge in property values:

Offering an enviable work-life balance for commuters, Brentwood has seen a 4.13% and 5.11% rise in its semi-detached and terraced properties.

The market town of Billericay has seen a surge in property prices with a 5.56% increase for terraced homes, and a 9.24% increase for flats.

With a family appeal, Witham has seen an 8.69% increase in prices for terraced properties, and a 7.26% for semi-detached properties.

In light of the proposed new Thames crossing, which will run from Tilbury and East Tilbury in order to ease congestion, property prices in Thurrock are keeping in pace with other enticing areas of Essex.

Zoopla housing growth statistics for Grays and Tilbury in particular are as follows:

While we have only listed four thriving areas, do keep in mind that Essex has been the 3rd most prosperous region in the UK, which means that every town has seen a surge in interested property buyers.

So if you want to target the most desirable properties in Essex, then we can use our specialist software to pinpoint the areas that are perfectly suited to YOUR leaflet campaign!

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