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Publicity Stunts

To make the most of the budget you have to work with, high impact marketing can be used to get the message across to potential customers. Contact us here at Essex Distributions about how we can help make your money go even further when it comes to your marketing endeavours.



High Impact Marketing

Essex Distributions can take the ideas you have in mind for a publicity stunt and make it a reality. Our professional teams will be able to devise a way to promote your message in the most appropriate way. When done well, publicity stunts can make for a really effective communication tool.


National Tours

When you want to ensure that your nationwide campaign has the desired impact on customers, it is all about having the right marketing strategy. Here at Essex Distributions we will make sure that your budget is certainly not wasted as your brand is taken on the road, making for a national tour which focuses attention on each individual event.

To find out more about our previous publicity stunts and marketing campaigns we have done in the past or call us for advice, answers and assistance on 01268 287505.