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Professional, Reliable Leaflet Delivery in Harlow

One of the New Towns, Harlow has undergone extensive development and regeneration. Deliberately split into a number of self-contained neighbourhoods, Harlow is unusual for its large amount of green areas – a third of the town is parkland or open space. Close to London, Harlow has a sizeable population that commutes into London, with the nearby Stansted Airport a significant employer. The township concept common to the New Towns means that Essex Distributions can target your leaflets to the exact areas you want them.

Leaflet Distribution is an often-underestimated marketing channel, boasting one of the best response rates at affordable prices. In a recent study, 48% of consumers had either: visited a shop, sent for information, or bought a product having received promotional material through their letterbox.

The Essex Distributions uniform is a common sight across the county. We have a strong record to protect and so we use only carefully selected distributors. All of our teams have a manager with them, who is responsible for making sure your leaflet distribution campaign is carried out exactly as planned.

All of the campaigns carried out by Essex Distributions are handled individually. You will have access to one of our planning teams who will be able to advise you on the best areas to place your leaflets, using a powerful combination of software and experience. This allows us to give the personal touch for every campaign.