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Don’t Waste Your Marketing Budget

Not all Leaflet Distribution companies are the same…

Ok, so you’ve decided that leaflet distribution is worth a try, given its great return of investment and the fact that it’s easier to reach your target market than with newspaper ads. But which distribution company should you choose? The cheapest, right? Well, probably not, unless you want to throw your precious marketing budget into a bottomless black hole.

So how do you choose the best distribution company to help promote your business? Here are a few points to consider…

Stay Close to Home

Essex is a diverse county, with its population of 1.7 million spread between busy towns and cities as well as extremely rural areas. When you’re entrusting your leaflet distribution to someone else, you need to be sure they are based locally and have an up to date, working knowledge of the region and its people.

Ask questions when you’re discussing possible locations for leaflet distribution campaigns and make sure the planners know what they’re talking about. Don’t accept vague answers – national leaflet distributors won’t have the in depth knowledge needed to give an informed, top quality service that will attract new customers in your locality.

National companies tend to sub contract the work to smaller companies anyway, and won’t stay close to each campaign. Local leaflet distribution companies will want to enhance their reputation by keeping customers satisfied, and so will be keen to do a good job every time.

Cheap As Chips? Beware!

Just because a leaflet distribution company offers the cheapest leaflet distribution in your area doesn’t mean they offer the best service. Some companies offer leaflet distribution at prices that just aren’t viable whichever way you slice it.

Good distribution is carried out by trained staff who are paid at a decent rate and motivated to do a good job. We’ve all heard horror stories about thousands of leaflets dumped in a field with clients left wondering why they’ve had absolutely no return from a sizeable campaign. Not only is this an absolute waste of money, it could seriously damage your company’s reputation.

Phone A Friend

Perhaps the best way to find a reliable leaflet distribution firm is to ask around. Ask business contacts who they would recommend, or contact clients that give testimonials on a distribution company’s website. Find out if the distribution company has its own teams of distributors and whether campaigns are checked for accuracy.

Leaflet distribution is a fast, effective method of direct marketing and done properly, it can quickly raise your company’s profile and increase sales leads. Take the time to find an experienced, reputable leaflet distribution company that will take pride in doing a great job for you, at a reasonable price.

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