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Don’t Miss Out On Targeting Every Household in Essex!

Having an effective leaflet campaign involves precise structure, scope and timing.

Knowing your target audience in Essex is imperative to having a successful distribution campaign. Therefore, when it comes to showcasing your brand, Essex Distributions will ensure that your message gets directly into the hands and homes of the people you want to target.

But what if you could find out the number of house counts within Essex, with a further breakdown of house counts within the 12 Essex boroughs and unitary councils?

Essex Distributions can provide the statistical data showcasing house counts to give you a better idea of how many potential customers you can target for your next leaflet campaign.

Below is a map of Essex showcasing each borough and unitary council:

essex leaflet distribution


Below is a statistics graph showcasing the number of dwellings in Essex entirely, as well as the unitary authorities of Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock:

essex leaflet distribution 2

Statistics graph showcasing house counts in each Essex borough:

essex leaflet distribution 3

Having this statistical information could mean the difference between planning a small-scale campaign or event where you want to target specific households within a particular borough, and getting more attention on a larger scale by targeting the entire county of Essex.

Essentially, we know from the results of our customers that choosing the right area for your distribution campaign can increase your response rate and reduce the wastage of your valuable leaflets.

Not only can we help you accurately target your prospective customers, but we will make sure your campaign is continually fine-tuned to achieve maximum impact.

So if you want to utilise our specialist software to seek potentially lucrative new customer-bases based on the household statistics provided for your next leaflet campaign, then give us a call on 01268 287505 and we will be more than happy to help.

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