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Monument Leaflet Distribution

The City of London sees extremely high-density footfall during the working week, and the area around the Monument in Fish Street is no exception. There is a constant stream of City workers and tourists in this busy area, any of whom could become new contacts and customers for your business.

Essex Distributions can help you to reach this sector of the population by delivering your marketing messages via one of our targeted leaflet distribution campaigns. While our full range of services is available in the City, we would advise that the best solution to reach this extremely mobile market is by choosing our dynamic handout leaflet distribution option.

This type of direct marketing offers particular benefits for your company:

  • Fast, efficient distribution in busy locations
  • Handout by trained distributors, fully briefed with your marketing messages
  • Reinforcement of advertising if desired with branded clothing for distributors
  • Ideal for special offers and promotion of events

Our experienced planning team will advise you on times and locations for your campaign, to give your brand maximum exposure among potential customers. With our up to date mapping software and using our own local knowledge, we will ensure that every campaign delivered by Essex Distributions is comprehensive and efficient, to give you the market coverage you need.

With our bespoke service, you can choose from just 7,000 items per campaign, and reach people with many forms of printed media, from vouchers and menus to flyers and brochures. To ensure continued customer satisfaction and to maintain our high standards of service, all our campaigns are independently verified for accuracy.

Leaflet distribution is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of direct marketing, with more than £16 billion sales generated annually in the UK alone. By using Essex Distributions to deliver your campaign in the Monument area, you will be joining many satisfied customers who have seen improved company profile and new sales generated by using our professional, affordable services.