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Essex Distributions is a firm of experienced direct marketing professionals with a reputation for providing top quality, reliable leaflet distribution services throughout the county. Located in Basildon and close to the A127, Essex Distributions is ideally placed for easy access to the whole county, serving many different types of business across Essex and beyond.

We are able to target specific postcode sectors across Essex, London and Greater London and your marketing material will be delivered directly to homes and/or businesses in that area.


Headed by experienced industry professionals, we use sophisticated mapping software to help maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. By creating a strategic marketing plan, we’ve changed the meaning of brand awareness – revolutionizing what it takes to create a successful and long-lasting campaign.

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Conservative Party

Alternatively, using our sophisticated mapping software we can cover specific high-streets, shopping centres, industrial estates, business parks and so on. Thanks to our local expertise, we can also recommend new areas to help maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.We believe direct marketing with a printed leaflet, flyer, brochure or magazine via door-to-door distribution is still the most cost-effective way to reach REAL customers and increase sales in the areas you want to target.

Additionally, all of our deliveries are checked to ensure a complete and satisfactory distribution.With our unique local knowledge of Essex, London and the surrounding Greater London boroughs, Essex Distributions can assist your company with any direct marketing campaign with the minimum of fuss and cost, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01268 287505.